Areola Reconstruction

Medical Tattooing to reconstruct the Areola and Nipple.

Treatment Type

Medical Tattooing


3-5 Years

Procedure Time

60 Minutes






On Consultation

Nipple-Tattooing Treatment

Areola reconstruction through medical tattooing can create the illusion of a 3D nipple and Areola following breast cancer and mastectomy surgery. By carefully mixing pigments together to match your skin tone and creating a 3D nipple and Areola will give you the confidence back you deserve. 3D nipple and Areola tattoos can help breast cancer survivors to regain their self-esteem. This finishes the reconstruction process without any need for further surgery.

A key benefit to this treatment is that it is non-invasive and non-surgical. You can enjoy pleasing results without the risk of a surgical procedure.

All of our treatments start with a free initial consultation so that we can assess the area and provide you with more information on Areola Reconstruction.

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